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“Thank you Dr. Sosoo for helping to shape me as a woman and as a person. I am eternally grateful to you for being such a beautiful example of leadership."

“She is smart and cares about the students in school. She cares about what they do and want to do in life...she helps students with their school work...she takes time out for her students."

“Thanks for the inspiration and effective leadership over the years."

"Dr. Sosoo is skilled at looking at the problem of practice and actively trying to identify root causes and the solutions but most importantly, our students benefit and grow from all that the teachers are learning."

"As a result of your superb pre-planning, organizational skills, and management style, the school is a dynamic educational center."


"You are a role model for your department and a lynchpin for school improvement."

College Student
Happy Student
Young Female Student
Happy Student
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