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Our Programs

Our Mission

Our Philosophy

    Advanced Academics Prep provides excellence in One-on-One, Online and Onsite tutoring to help students master  Mathematics and English subjects and pass SAT, ACT, and TOEFL standardized tests.


    Founded by Dr. Susan Sosoo, an accomplished, award-winning, and reputable Leader in Education with over 25 years of experience, Advanced Academics Prep's mission is to equip clients with quality instruction that fosters engagement, guided practice, and problem solving so they are thoroughly prepared to:


    1. Meet or exceed Mathematics and English academic requirements 

    2. Master standardized testing, as set forth by the Board of Regents

    In consideration of our ever-changing, technological world, it is also our mission to:

    • Build confidence in our students so they can adapt to multi-faceted environments

    • Reinforce positive values that our students bring from their homes and communities

    • Foster self-worth and dignity so our students sustain strong appreciation of their own culture and openness to other cultures

    Advanced Academics Prep believes all students are bright, energetic, capable of achieving anything they desire, and possess the capacity to learn and excel when given the best learning tools through personalized tutoring.


    Our philosophy, thought leadership, and unique instructional formula combined with our students' focus, hard work, and eagerness in reaching their full potential, have resulted in several success stories which proves our academics and test preparation approach works.

    Additionally, Advanced Academics Prep and its exceptional team of tutors are committed to:

    • Going the extra mile for our students

    • Identifying and filling learning gaps

    • Improving learning habits and studying skills

    • Increasing motivation

    • Accommodating student schedules by providing customized scheduling

    • Performing continual review and evaluation of academic progress

    • Being role models

    Advanced Academics Prep's outcome-driven programs are designed to help students improve current academic requirements, earn credit towards graduation, pass Regents and other standardized examinations, and become college and/or career-ready.

    While current statistics show many high school students do not meet college and career readiness benchmarks, our rigorous preparatory programs are strategically designed to flatten this curve. This is in part accomplished by:

    1. Conducting a needs assessment via testing to evaluate strengths and weakness

    2. Developing an Individualized Learning Plan to target exact learning needs

    3. Providing ongoing progress reports to assess and evaluate each student's learning needs

    Our Academics Prep and Test Prep programs entail best practices in instructional modeling, scaffolding, and differentiation, ensuring our students gain sound learning experiences and outcomes.

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